“Tokui-no Bank” startup support program

“Tokui-no Bank” startup support program
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Why don’t you open up “Tokui-no Bank” in your local area?

“Tokui-no Bank” has its branches in several cities in Japan. Each branch reflects
its local feature/uniquenesses.
Here we launch a startup support program. We welcome you to be the owner of your own “Tokui-no Bank”!



Web page of your own branch

In the web page:
– your customers browse the list of deposited “Tokui”s.
– “Hikidashi(withdrawal) Event” is advertised and archived.


– in which depositions and withdrawals of “Tokui” are recorded.

Lecture from the president

– the president gives you advices on starting up and running your branch via videophone

Data of necessary forms

– “Chotoku (deposition)” form
– “Hikidashi (withdrawal)” form



– preparing public space to install the ATM; to hold “Hikidashi” Event.

ATM and sign

– in any size, with any materials

print out “Chotoku” and “Hikidashi” forms

run & maintain the branch


– prepare a venue to install the ATM; to hold “Hikidashi” Event.
– maintain the branch at least an year
– make the banch (including web archive) keep updated and accessible to anyone

We are happy to provide advice about possible applications – please contact



※Following is an overview of Tokui-no Bank.

What is “Tokui-no Bank”?

“Tokui-no Bank” opened in 2011 in Ino housing complex in Toride, Ibaraki, Japan. Customers of “Tokui-no Bank” deposit and withdraw their “Tokui” instead of money. “Tokui” means an ability to do something or a feature/uniqueness of an individual. If you just deposit your own “Tokui”, you can withdraw others’ “Tokui”s.

How to use “Tokui-no Bank”?

“Deposit your own “”Tokui””, and then you have right to withdraw any of others’ “”Tokui””s.
For deposition, fill out “”Chotoku form”” with the detail of your “”Tokui””.
For withdrawal, fill out “”Hikidashi form”” and put it in “”ATM”” or hand it in to a bank clerk.
Bank clerks coordinate “”Hikidashi”” Event, communicating with both the depositor and the withdrawer.”


The system of “Tokui-no Bank” was invented by Takafumi Fukasawa, an artist (and the president of this bank). Its headoffice opened in March 2011 in Ino housing complex in Toride, Ibaraki. Since then, its branches opened in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka (Jan.-Mar., 2012), Nanatsu-boshi Shopping Mall, Yamaguchi (Jul.-Dec., 2013), Toyama, Toyama (Aug. 2013-), and Sapporo, Hokkaido (Jul.-Sep. 2014). More than 2,700 “Tokui”s are deposited in total. More than 200 “Hikidashi” Events were held in 5 years.

Characteristic of each branch

INO headoffice

The first place that “”Tokui-no Bank”” started. Ino headoffice is located in a community space called “”Icoino+Tappino”” in a huge housing complex.
Ino headoffice aims to unfold residents hidden individualities and uniquenesses. Currently a lady living near this area is working as a branch manager, coordinating “”Hikidashi”” Events once a month.



This branch opened in a shopping mall located in the center of the city of Yamaguchi, as an award-winning project of “”LIFE by Media”” competition by YCAM.
Every shop in the mall deposits their “”Tokui””, which is not related to their regular business. These “”Tokui””s are traded in a virtual mall named Nanatsu-boshi.
This branch played a role in rebuilding the local community as well.


SAPPORO branch since 1869

The president somehow had been transported through time to back in 1869, and opened Sapporo branch. Actually this branch was held as a part of Sapporo International Art Festival.
Owing to the bank, histori of Sapporo was affected and every time a “”Tokui”” was withdrawed, an old-new customs were created. These weird customs are preserved in Sapporo Kai-Kaitaku museum.


President of “Tokui-no Bank”

Takafumi Fukasawa
Born 1984, Yamanashi, Japan.

Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale, Echigo-Tsumari Homestay Museum, 2015
Sapporo International Art Festival, Tokui-no Bank Sapporo, 2014
The Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM), Tokui-no Bank Yamaguchi, 2013
Toride Art Project, Tokui-no Bank, 2011-